How to Play With the Big W in Poker Chips Big W

The big W (or the house in some places) can be a real headache for novice and experienced players alike. Many times, a player who is a beginner will become frustrated with the lack of cash available when playing with the big W. In a professional setting, one would be more likely to lose money than make it because of the big W. Many times, professional players, once they understand this concept, learn to play with the house and make their money back after the tournament, when they go home with it all.

poker chips big w

The player who is best at doing this is probably a pro player in the first place. But, in poker chips big or they are still able to build a strong bankroll and can make it to the final table.

If you are in a game where the W has been pushed for a large portion of the time, it is usually a good idea to start backing away from it. Once a player is left with very little cash, it can start to get frustrating. Instead of trying to play with the big W, you should begin pushing it in a smaller number of hands that you do win.

To determine when you can play with the big W, the next best thing to do is study the charts. Try to find out what the odds are on that hand. When you find out that the big W is in the small minority, play a hand that is very weak so that you are more likely to make a play with the big W.

Once you have learned to play with the big W, you should try to get all your chips, if possible, without even putting a bet on the table. Try to make four bets with as many chips as you can. This will make you feel less like you are building up an excessive bankroll and will actually help you stay on track to hitting your bankroll limit.

A great way to do this is to slowly lay out a wide range of hands and then slowly ease them down to your strong hand or two. This is a good practice for those who want to learn how to have a solid bankroll even while playing with the big W.

Sometimes, the W will become part of the player’s psyche so that they cannot make heads or tails calls. This can be discouraging for some people, but what you need to realize is that this is often a sign that the player is on the right track. In other words, the player is working towards making a higher amount of chips, not a lower one.

Some players who are less skilled will sometimes get discouraged when they can’t call a lot of the hands that they play. However, if they continue to try and hit good outs while they are getting somewhat close to calling the big W, they will discover that their bankroll gets larger until they are able to hit their limit and win the whole pot.