How Is Plastic Poker Chips Making?

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How Is Plastic Poker Chips Making?

Poker chips are chips of plastic usually round in shape. Casinos use poker chips in place of cash in many venues. Most casinos use one type of chip or a combination of chips for wagering purposes. There are several different kinds of chips used for poker games. Some of the most popular types of poker chips are described below. They have their own features that make them desirable for certain kinds of games.

Plastic poker chips are preferred by players who play high stakes poker games. Colored plastic, injection-molded plastic, compression molded plastic or metal tokens of different denominations are usually used in high stakes table games, rather than metal token coins. These chips are small in size and some of them are round in shape. The surface is usually smooth, so that the chips can be easily cleaned after a while. It is also easy to handle these poker chips because they do not bounce when the ball hits them.

In most casinos across the world, slot machines use a variation of a chip as the denomination for playing. There are two major sizes of chips produced in casinos – the ‘clay’ variety and the ‘wheel’ variety. Clay chips are made up of a thick plastic that cannot be manipulated to match the other denomination. In casinos where the slots pay higher bet, players prefer to play in larger chips. In some countries, poker chips are produced with additional colors or images on them. Apart from the denomination, players prefer to play with chips of the same color or have the same size.

Some casinos go the extra mile and make a custom-made chip. In this process, a plastic or wooden mould is carved out of clay. A stencil is used to design the shape of the mould, and the desired denomination is embossed on it. Usually, poker chips produced via this process have a unique serial number printed at the bottom of the chip.

The plastic material is suitable for manufacturing clay poker chips because it can withstand extreme temperatures and is not affected by any malformation in the process. This means that it can be used for making molds of different shapes and sizes. The thickness of the plastic is also a deciding factor, because it affects the cost. However, the cost of this material is way less than that of clay.

The process of molding plastic chips does not affect the quality of the poker chips that are manufactured. It is possible to get a high quality piece of chip made using the plastic chips. The casino management is also aware that using plastic chips in the casinos increases their chances of winning. Moreover, since the chips are cheap to purchase and easy to handle, players do not mind if the chips are not exact replicas of those used in the real table. They can easily accept the probability that they might not win every time.